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This site is a bundle of Technical articles, Application Security stuffs, Tips n Tweaks, Software Reviews, Cool sites, Online Apps and what not… In short this site contains everything under the sky which can help you to Get more out of any App!.

This what a4apphack is all about!

Editors of this site are working hard to keep the readers updated with the most pertinent and lifesaver information. The main motto of this site is to deliver easier access to all the technical information at one stop and saving your time from getting wasted through your internet searches and repeated scrolls through your huge bookmarks list.

So who’s the Author ?

I’m Rajiv Venkatesh (aka RajivVishwa), India, working in IT industry on Enterprise Security and Vulnerability Management domain and primarily focused on web application security.


  • Bachelors in Engineering – Electronics & Communication
  • Microsoft MVP - Developer SecurityCEH - EC Council

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – Developer Security
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (EC Council)
  • Come on… this is not place to put my resume – read it here

What Else?

  • I love Photoshop/Gimp and Graphics – I had done a pro course in 3Ds Max during my school days!
  • Fond of Portable apps. 90% of the apps I use are portable
  • Blog on Tech stuffz 🙂
  • Love Gadgets, which makes life simpler.
  • Automate apps, Macros – I had made a Mainframe log analyzer/processor with excel macros 🙂
  • Customize apps – You gotta look at my Firefox 😉


Apart from evaluating the web applications for presence of vulnerabilities as a part of my job, I’m also interested in tweaking the apps we use in our day-to-day life. I love to explore all the features of any apps I come across and provide a clear-cut demarcation of the useful features from the obsolete ones.

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Buckle up and start hacking the apps!