Adblock Browser Addon Can Block Malware And Not Just Ads

AdBlock is one of the most popular browser extension that prevents ads or annoying page elements those are usually displayed in any webpage. It works by matching the pattern of unwanted elements in the page with what is available in its database and filters them.

Adblock can be made more efficient by adding custom patterns for the elements to be filtered.. This feature of AdBlock can be extended to block not only the ads but also the malicious content those are injected in seemingly genuine sites. This is done by adding MalwareDomains subscription to our Adblock preferences. MalwareDomain contains a list of domains that are known to be used to propagate malware and spyware. Adblock verifies whether there are any cross domain content loaded from any of malicious websites present in that list and if there is, then it blocks those elements.

Note: Subscribing to this list can increase the load time of the site. Increase in security at the cost of slight reduction in performance.

Here, we illustrate the steps to add the MalwareDomain list to our Adblock addon available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

I. Adding MalwareDomain Subscription in Chrome

Download Adblock for Chrome here.

1. Access the AdBlock Options from the Chrome Extensions page and add MalwareDomains URL (

Chrome Add Subscription

2. Entered URL will now display in the subscriptions list. Make sure that its checked.

Chrome Display Added Subscription

II. Adding MalwareDomain Subscription in Firefox

Download AdBlock Plus for Firefox here.

1. Open the Adblock Plus Preferences and click on the ‘Add Filter Subscription’ from the Filters menu.

Firefox Add Filter Subscription

2. Click on ‘Add a different subscription’ link.

Firefox Add Different Subscription

3. Add the MalwareDomains URL in the subscription entry (

Firefox Add Subscription

4. List of domains to be filtered will be displayed under the filter which we have newly subscribed. Make sure that its enabled.

Firefox Display Added Subscription


MalwareDomains Subscription List Info
App Name MalwareDomains Subscription List
License free
Type online
App URL Download
More Info link
  • R Ze

    This is helpful. When I installed the plugin a yr ago on a  different computer, I saw it in the subscriptions list. Ever since then, I couldn’t find it until I found this. Thanks!