Running BackTrack Security Distro In VMWare

Backtrack is the most popularly used security distro used while during pentests. While we can partition our harddisk, install this OS and dual boot with our default OS; things can be made simpler by running BackTrack VM within our default OS. Using a security distro in a VM gives us few advantages like, portability & ability to quickly restore/duplicate the instances as required.

Running Backtrack

BackTrack4 VM can be downloaded from the backtrack site (link at the end of the post) and to run the VM, we need the free VMWare Player.

Install the VMWare Player and open the BT VM with it. We are good to go with the default configuration unless we have more RAM to spare (Its recommended to provide 512MB of RAM if you have around 2GB).

Adjust Backtrack VM RAM

Adjust Backtrack VM RAM

Default Credentials

Backtrack VM comes with the default login credentials (which can be changed later, ofcourse)

bt login:  root
Password:  toor
. . .
[email protected]:~#  startx

We should be able to see the BackTrack OS up and running by this time. If you face any difficulties with the screen resolution, install/upgrade your VMWare tools.

BackTrack VM Up and Running

BackTrack VM Up and Running

Change Default Credentials

Once the OS is loaded, access the terminal from the taskbar and use the ‘passwd’ command to change the password.

bt~#  passwd
bt~#  New Password : ******
bt~#  Re-enter Password: ******

Enable Networking to Access Internet

Many a times internet might not work at the first shot. If it doesn’t do as mentioned below.

  1. First find out the IP address/Default Gateway of you the HOST PC (Assuming that it’s an Windows OS, do ‘ipconfig’ in DOS Terminal)
  2. Choose any arbitrary IP address, should be in the range of the IP of the host, and ensure that its not used.
  3. In the BackTrack Terminal, type the following commands
bt~#  ifconfig eth0 up
bt~#  /etc/init.d/networking start

Once you have BackTrack running and Internet enabled, you are all set to use the tools bundled with this OS.

Backtrack VM Download Info
App Name Backtrack VM Download
License free
Type OS
App URL Download
More Info link

VMWare Player Download (Free): [dl u=]

  • Sasa

    This is video i like : Run BackTrack 4 with VMWare Player (FREE)

    And best of, this is FREE VMware player, you can download from link you will find on YouTube.

    • I’ve used the same free vmware player to setup backtrack 4.