WebDeveloper Extension for Chrome for Security Analysts

I had mentioned in my previous post about Pendule – WebDeveloper Equivalent In Chrome, but lately the developer of WebDeveloper has released Chrome compatible version of this popular Firefox addon. WebDeveloper is definitely a favorite tool used by application security analysts and now it comes handy when you are testing your target in chrome. I think I’ll have to start a new series like SecFox, for Chrome.

WebDeveloper For Chrome

WebDeveloper For Chrome (Click to Zoom)

Features (That can aid Security Testing)

  • Clear Radio Buttons
  • Convert GET to POST and POST to GET
  • Convert Select Elements to Text input
  • Display Form Details
  • Enable Form Fields
  • Make Form Fields Writable
  • Remove Maxlength
  • Show Passwords
  • View Form Info
  • Disable Image Alt Attributes
  • Show Hidden Elements
  • and much more…

NOTE: The Chrome compatible version doesn’t seem to be as stable as the one which is available for Firefox, but we can hope for the updates.

WebDeveloper for Chrome