Create Customized Feeds From Any Site With Dapper

Dapper helps you to extract data from any website and create customized feeds. This is different from a normal feed since it allows you to select the data and also to modify the presentation of data. The dapps created can be used in formats like RSS, XML, Google Gadgets, Facebook application, HTML etc.

Quick look at dapper

Video 1 :

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Video 2 :

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You can set variable inputs to customize your feeds as shown below.

Setting Variable

Alerts can also be set so that a specified action (like notification by email) is performed when the value in the variable input matches the value specified by us.


Dapperfox – Firefox Extension

DapperFox is a Firefox extension that sits next to the RSS icon in your browser.
Whenever you visit a website DapperFox will show you RSS feeds that other people have created, as well as allow you to create a new feed to share with the community. This is perfect when a site does not have its own RSS feed, or when the default feed settings are not convincing enough.


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