Notscripts – Noscript Alternative in Chrome

NotScripts gives you a high degree of “NoScript” like control over what javascript, iframes, and plugins runs in your browser to increase security and lower the CPU usage. It is useful to help mitigate some attacks like certain cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and drive by downloads by blocking the third-party content before it even runs with it’s default deny policy.

Notscripts Window

You can whitelist the sites you want through an easy to use url bar icon and drop down menu.

NotScripts uses a unique and novel method to provide this “NoScript” like functionality in Google Chrome that was not previously possible. It introduces a break through technique of intelligent HTML5 storage caching to over come the limitations in Google Chrome that prevented an extension like this from being made before. NotScripts blocks third-party content BEFORE they load and it does this while also having a whitelist. This is one of the key extensions that many people have been waiting for since Google Chrome came out.

Notscripts Options

NOTE: When you install NotScripts, you will be required to set a password for it to use to encrypt site specific settings. Please also ensure that you have Google Chrome’s cookies/local storage setting set to it’s default value for NotScripts to perform effective caching or else you will experience higher than normal reloads.

NotScripts is inspired by the “NoScript” addon for Firefox and seeks to emulate it within the limitations of the Google Chrome extensions API. It is not affiliated with “NoScript“, I just happen to like it’s functionality.

Notscripts - Chrome Extension Info
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