Linking Github Project with XAMPP

We can synchronize any change made locally to Github easily by installing GitHub client on our workstation. And we can use XAMPP to host and run the web application locally. By default, both have a different folder structure. XAMPP is installed in ‘C:\xampp’ and Github project folders are located inside your Documents folder. Its recommended to have Github projects in a single folder instead of scattering it all over your hard drive. But for you to run web content via XAMPP, you need to have your project folder inside ‘xampp\htdocs’.

To have this working, we can simply put a Symbolic link of Github project folder inside ‘htdocs’ folder. So without having to move Github folders inside XAMPP, we could easily run the application locally and also synchronize the changes to Github using the client.


To run the website locally, we can start Apache server that is bundled with XAMPP and access localhost URL on your webbrowser. You can also map a custom domain name to your localhost by editing your ‘host’ file, so that you dont have to type localhost or every time to access your webcontent


Map a custom domain name to by editing hosts file in %WINDIR\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Now you can easily access your web application present on github locally via xampp and also have it synchronized


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  • Hey Rajiv,
    You should defintely try Wamp server it has auto link maker as well as a dynamic home page listing all of your linked project.
    On side note it also allows you to run multiple version of php apache or mysql.


    • Thats good, did not check that before. Will have a look.

  • Laolu

    this is so cool