Store And Encrypt Passwords Online with Password++

Many of us register with some interesting sites by submitting a userid, password and our emailid for verification. We also choose different passwords for different sites so as to make sure that our credentials are never compromised. Remembering passwords for a huge of sites would be a Herculean task. We might use offline password managers like Keepass, but if you are a person like me who work with multiple PC’s; then syncing those passwords created, would be a problem. So the best option would be to store passwords online and safely retrieve them whenever required. And we have Password++

Password++ Sreenshot
Password++ is an online password storage service which is deployed with Google App Engine. The dynamic interface allows us to easily store and retrieve our passwords. Since its developed with Google Engine, we are authenticated with our google credentials and then with our chosen strong password for Password++, as a second level of security.


  • Login with Google Account.
  • Simple and dynamic UI
  • Backup the passwords in HTML form
  • Filters to quickly search the passwords