The Difference Between Online Poker and Real Poker

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http://a4apphack.comThe Difference Between Online Poker and Real Poker. This article briefly describes the main differences between online and live poker. Examine which tactics work most successfully in each environment, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

People have been playing poker since the 10th century, and their popularity is far from diminishing.

 In fact, the interest in the game grows when more people play it. The growing popularity of the game can be explained by the fact that it is easily available on the Internet. Online poker revolutionized the game when thousands of people entered the game, sitting at home. It would be a big mistake to assume that there is not much difference between online poker and real poker. The truth is that there is.

judi poker

Leaving aside the obvious dissimilarity that exists in online and real poker environments, there are other differences between them.

First, online poker plays at a dizzying speed. Players must act for 20-30 seconds before the timer disappears, leaving very little time to think. On the other hand, players who play real poker have time to sit down and think about their next move, since the game moves quite slowly.

Second, contrary to the opinion of most people, real-time players do not have better skills than online players. There is no guarantee that real players will be outstanding compared to online players. In fact, sometimes the opposite happens.

Third, blind theft is advantageous in online games than in offline games, since the number of hands played per hour is much higher in the first case. Therefore, it is possible to win a large amount due to the blinds in online poker.

Fourth, open promotion is also more profitable in online poker, because the Internet allows the player to be more aggressive than in real life.

Fifth, reading an opponent is almost impossible when playing online judi poker. The great advantage of playing in a real room with real people is that you can know what your opponent thinks, by looking at his face. This is not possible during an online game, and cheating is simple nonsense.

Finally, but not least, there is no way to limit the time and downtime while playing on the Internet. Reacting quickly is the key to victory. Playing a real live game can seem like a luxury due to its random rhythm.


Poker would not have received as much popularity if it were not for the numerous online versions. The availability of the game for the masses is the cause of its continued growth.


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