Extract Images from Word Document Keeping the Sequence Preserved

We can extract the images or any media content present in the word document by opening it as an archive and extracting the files with the help of un-archival tools like 7zip.

1. A word document containing images to be extracted.

Word Document With Images

2. Open the word document as an archive using 7Zip.

Open Doc With 7Zip

3. Browse for media content. Here, media files are present under ‘\word\media\’ folder. The sequence of the embedded images in the document are preserved.


4. Extract the images to any folder of your choice.

Images Extracted


Use the same technique to download the images from any website by copying-pasting the webpage to a word doc and then extract the images. This method is better than saving the page to the hard disk using browser ‘Save As WebPage’  option and manually searching for the media content from the HTML reference folder.

7zip Info
App Name 7zip
License free
Type portable
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