Upgrade Python or Use Multiple Versions In Linux (Backtrack)

This is a quick post about getting an updated (or a specific) version of Python running on your Linux (Backtrack is used here).  A tool called ‘pythonbrew‘ is used for this purpose. It not only lets us download and install required version of python, but also allows us to choose which version needs to be active.

You can install python brew with any of the method mentioned below.

Easy method

This method requires you to have cURL up and running.

$ sudo easy_install pythonbrew
$ pythonbrew_install

Manual Installation

You need to follow this method if cannot get your cURL/ automatic fetch of required resources from various repositories,  to work. This might happen, if you are like me who is trying this installation from behind an enterprise proxy.

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Once you installed ‘pythonbrew’ using method 1 or 2, you can follow the steps above (from Python installation part)  and switch to the new version.

Pythonbrew installation and switch version

pythonbrew Info
App Name pythonbrew
License free
Type code
App URL Download
More Info link
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